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Barry Carpenter, Springhead School's Sue Rose, Hollie Rawson and Jo Egerton discuss a major initiative to engage children and young people with complex learning difficulties and disabilities in learning For full article click here: http://complexld.ssatrust.org.uk/uploads/SEN54%20complex%20needs.pdf



We stumbled on this online blog by Daniel Kerr, in which he quotes and commends Springhead School's Moral Purpose: "Fullan talks about creating a shared vision, or mission, that rests on and stems from what’s best for students and student learning……doing the right things to create an environment where students feel safe and encouraged to take risks, where colleagues feel supported and valued, and where all leaders are researching, reflecting, and taking action in a constant attempt to make the school (and student learning opportunities) better.


By the way, the best definition on moral purpose that I did find came from Springhead School in Northern England. Their definition reads, “Our moral purpose is an agreed set of principles that creates and leads our vision for the school. It stimulates reflection and review, and supports action. It defines the heart and soul of our school. Our moral purpose acknowledges that there is a need for our pupils to be both challenged and supported if we are to enrich and enhance every child’s learning and life experiences, by breaking down barriers to learning and participation”……..nice."


 The full article can be read here: http://blog.tieonline.com/moral-purpose/



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